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Fiinding Michael and Rita

A shoot right in the heart of our city this time round for the couple Rita and Michael, who wanted me to capture a series of images for them against some of the iconic landmarks to remember their time by in Singapore, as they may have plans to relocate a few years down the road.

singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-01 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-02 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-03 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-04 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-05 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-06 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-07 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-08 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-09 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-10 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-11 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-12 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-13 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-14 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-15 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-16

Fiinding Ray and Stacy

Just had a rather “impromptu-ly” arranged photo shoot session with husband and wife team Ray and Stacy, who contacted me just a few days before they arrived in Singapore for a one week business/holiday trip.

Being their first time here, instead of “selfie-ing” their way through, Ray wanted to capture something more “in the moment” and also for him and his wife to appreciate Singapore’s culture and heritage as a visitor rather than an over zealous owner of a DSLR. I was more than glad to schedule a photo shoot with him and decided to center our shoot and show them around Chinatown, where they are staying at.

This was also a rather different challenge for me to try to capture the same standard and quality of images as before but with minimal art direction/instruction from me to the couple and to catch the spontaneity of the moments naturally as it happens.

I hope they will enjoy their remaining stay in Singapore and here are some images from our photo tour around Chinatown.

Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-01 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-02 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-03 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-04 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-05 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-06 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-07 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-08 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-09 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-10 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-11 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-12 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-13 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-14 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-15 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-16 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-17 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-18 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-19

Fiinding Jennie and Rong Qing

How often are we actually able to celebrate the second chances that our lives have for us?

As Jennie celebrated Rong Qing’s birthday with a photo session for the two of them, more importantly, I guess the shoot also signifies a new chapter of their relationship as they get back together again as a couple for a second time after parting ways several years back.

They had wanted to do a shoot during their previous relationship together but missed the chance to do so as they broke up many years back then. I’m glad to be able to play a part in capturing these moments for them this time round and wishing them all the best as they embarked on this journey together a second time.

Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-01 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-02 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-03 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-04 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-05 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-06 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-07 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-08 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-09 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-10 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-11 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-12 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-13 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-14 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-15 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-16 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-17 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-18

Fiinding Jessie

Today, as we welcome 12.12.12 (12 Dec 2012), we also celebrate Jessie’s birthday. I was already looking forward to this shoot as this was my first with a beautifully restored classic Volkswagen Kombi (finally, get to see it up close and personal and a joyride home on it after the shoot). Check out the Kombi Rocks website if you intend to rent one for your photo shoot.

I never knew it was such a challenge to look for an open space with greenery where the vehicle can drive up the grass field, though I managed to find this place (and it was illegal) after several recce trips. That’s Singapore, your urban jungle! We worked around the color theme pink and I am actually quite glad the color coordination and combination turns out much better than expected.

singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-01 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-02 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-03 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-04 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-05 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-06 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-07 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-08 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-09 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-10 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-11 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-12 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-13 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-14 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-15

Fiinding Gwen and Irene

Gwen has just graduated from University and wanted to have a portrait session done together with her dearest mum in appreciation of her support and care all these years. Actually, they do not behave like mother & daughter at all but are really like best of friends instead.

It is indeed an inspiring experience to witness this special relationship and chemistry between them and their sporting and sunny dispositions have certainly brightened up my day more than any sunflower does.


singapore-graduation-portrait-photography-blog-gwen-02asingapore-graduation-portrait-photography-blog-gwen-03asingapore-graduation-portrait-photography-blog-gwen-04asingapore-graduation-portrait-photography-blog-gwen-05asingapore-graduation-portrait-photography-blog-gwen-07asingapore-graduation-portrait-photography-blog-gwen-10asingapore-graduation-portrait-photography-blog-gwen-08a singapore-graduation-portrait-photography-blog-gwen-11a singapore-graduation-portrait-photography-blog-gwen-12asingapore-graduation-portrait-photography-blog-gwen-13a

Fiinding Boon Siew and Oliver

Boon Siew and Oliver wanted a non-conventional and more creative approach for their pre-wedding shoot. Being a funny guy himself, we decided to go along with a comical and fun approach to the shoot, just like how the two of them usually behaved, having fun and enjoying each other’s company as a couple.

Thus, ditching the conventional wedding suit and gown, the couple came out with their own wardrobe and locations while I assisted them with the art direction and props. They are a really fun pair to work with and I must say this is one of those shoots which I have really enjoyed myself and could not stopping laughing throughout. Haha!


Fiinding Trisha

We were blessed with relatively good weather and light on the late monday afternoon during the photography session with Trisha. I was really hoping for a good and clear sunset but it ended up with the sky turned all cloudy towards the end of the session. Still, it was a fun and enjoyable session, with Trisha being sporty and enthusiastic enough to go along with most of my art direction and suggestion.

Here are a few other extra photos from our shoot:

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