Environmental portraiture is a genre of photography that seeks to create portraits that are layered with a narrative depth and opens up the door to your heart with a story to tell.

That’s what fiindingfaces photography is all about: The journey towards finding different faces in life and fitting them creatively and seamlessly into the environment to make a picture, achieving a special kind of intimacy and honesty that reaches out for your heart.

” The only way to keep your heart beating as a photographer is to shoot what you love ” – Joe McNally

Photographing people has always intrigued and fascinated me. This is made more so as no two individuals are the same and life does not offer a replay, adding on to the challenge of capturing that perfect moment. I strive to create images with a story to tell, be it the romance of a pre-wedding shoot, the joy of a mum-to-be or the different phases of any relationship and adding my personal touch of fun, creativity and artistry to it.

I shoot on-location, and it can be the comfort of your home or a location that holds a special place in your heart. Communications is always an important and vital aspect of photographing people and I would almost certainly like to have a discussion with my client on the art direction and to understand what they are looking forward to achieve before every of my session.

My photography style and approach is more towards “posed candids”, which usually involves me giving my clients art direction on what to do and trying to get candid looking shots or that spontaneous reaction from them as a result. Unlike traditional portrait photographers in a way, I strive to capture a mood in my images that tells a story rather than that perfect pose that may look aesthetically pleasing but speaks little.

” It’s no fun to look back at the pictures if you weren’t having fun in the first place “

At the end of the day, my goal is not just about capturing a stunning set of images that evoke, move or suggest but also to create an enjoyable experience for the people involved so as to leave them with a pool of fun and fond memories to bring back and remember the day by.

Terran Tang – Principal Photographer