Fiinding Jessie

Today, as we welcome 12.12.12 (12 Dec 2012), we also celebrate Jessie’s birthday. I was already looking forward to this shoot as this was my first with a beautifully restored classic Volkswagen Kombi (finally, get to see it up close and personal and a joyride home on it after the shoot). Check out the Kombi Rocks website if you intend to rent one for your photo shoot.

I never knew it was such a challenge to look for an open space with greenery where the vehicle can drive up the grass field, though I managed to find this place (and it was illegal) after several recce trips. That’s Singapore, your urban jungle! We worked around the color theme pink and I am actually quite glad the color coordination and combination turns out much better than expected.

singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-01 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-02 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-03 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-04 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-05 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-06 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-07 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-08 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-09 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-10 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-11 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-12 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-13 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-14 singapore-creative-portrait-photography-blog-jessie-15