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Fiinding Sherry and Dennis

A recent maternity shoot for Sherry, together with her husband Dennis.

The photography style this time differs slightly from my usual preference of using the environment to tell a story. Since Sherry opted to do the shoot in the comfort of her home with simple and clean backgrounds, we revisited some evergreen classic shots, with the focus and emphasis on her and her baby bump.



Fiinding Michael and Rita

A shoot right in the heart of our city this time round for the couple Rita and Michael, who wanted me to capture a series of images for them against some of the iconic landmarks to remember their time by in Singapore, as they may have plans to relocate a few years down the road.

singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-01 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-02 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-03 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-04 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-05 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-06 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-07 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-08 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-09 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-10 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-11 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-12 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-13 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-14 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-15 singapore-couples-photography-for-michael-and-rita-16

Fiinding Ray and Stacy

Just had a rather “impromptu-ly” arranged photo shoot session with husband and wife team Ray and Stacy, who contacted me just a few days before they arrived in Singapore for a one week business/holiday trip.

Being their first time here, instead of “selfie-ing” their way through, Ray wanted to capture something more “in the moment” and also for him and his wife to appreciate Singapore’s culture and heritage as a visitor rather than an over zealous owner of a DSLR. I was more than glad to schedule a photo shoot with him and decided to center our shoot and show them around Chinatown, where they are staying at.

This was also a rather different challenge for me to try to capture the same standard and quality of images as before but with minimal art direction/instruction from me to the couple and to catch the spontaneity of the moments naturally as it happens.

I hope they will enjoy their remaining stay in Singapore and here are some images from our photo tour around Chinatown.

Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-01 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-02 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-03 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-04 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-05 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-06 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-07 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-08 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-09 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-10 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-11 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-12 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-13 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-14 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-15 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-16 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-17 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-18 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Ray-and-Stacy-19

Fiinding Jennie and Rong Qing

How often are we actually able to celebrate the second chances that our lives have for us?

As Jennie celebrated Rong Qing’s birthday with a photo session for the two of them, more importantly, I guess the shoot also signifies a new chapter of their relationship as they get back together again as a couple for a second time after parting ways several years back.

They had wanted to do a shoot during their previous relationship together but missed the chance to do so as they broke up many years back then. I’m glad to be able to play a part in capturing these moments for them this time round and wishing them all the best as they embarked on this journey together a second time.

Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-01 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-02 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-03 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-04 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-05 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-06 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-07 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-08 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-09 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-10 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-11 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-12 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-13 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-14 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-15 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-16 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-17 Singapore-couples-photography-for-Jennie-18

Fiinding Avril and Cheow Yeh

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” – Rabindranath Tagore

Avril and Cheow Yeh approached me with this poem in mind for their pre-wedding shoot as it pretty much describes their 3 years relationship. The theme would be all about colors and bringing colors into each other’s lives. And the way they would want to do it is through a fun shoot with lots of colors – literally, by throwing colored powders at each other in their wedding dress just like how the Hindus celebrate the Festival of Colors.

I was excited but yet a bit apprehensive initially. Excited at the idea of challenging myself and shooting something in a different way. Apprehensive at the fact that if i could really help them achieve the type of effect they are looking for. Nevertheless, after a meet up and discussion, we decided to give it our best shot. Marriage is almost once in a lifetime, so what the heck! We started buying powders, experimenting with the way to throw and spread the powder in a bombastic way like firework does and even concocting our own powder formula as some colors were out of stock. A place where the “color war” would take place, away from the population where no innocent would be accidentally “hit” and “dyed” would need to be sourced and thus the recce begins too.

I am glad we were blessed with great weather on the day of our shoot. Kudos to the couple, who is really sporting and spontaneous, letting it all out in a no-holds barr match for me to capture the wonderful moments of them baring and showing their “true colors” to each other. A big thank you to 2 of their friends who came to lend their pair of helping hands too.

Most importantly, at the end of the day, everyone had fun (photography should be enjoyable, isn’t it?) and went back with hands stained in colors, hearts stained with joy and a mind stained with colorful memories to remember this day by ….. for life.


singapore-creative-pre-wedding-photography-blog-avril-02 singapore-creative-pre-wedding-photography-blog-avril-03 singapore-creative-pre-wedding-photography-blog-avril-04 singapore-creative-pre-wedding-photography-blog-avril-05 singapore-creative-pre-wedding-photography-blog-avril-06 singapore-creative-pre-wedding-photography-blog-avril-07 singapore-creative-pre-wedding-photography-blog-avril-08 singapore-creative-pre-wedding-photography-blog-avril-09 singapore-creative-pre-wedding-photography-blog-avril-10 singapore-creative-pre-wedding-photography-blog-avril-11 singapore-creative-pre-wedding-photography-blog-avril-12 singapore-creative-pre-wedding-photography-blog-avril-13 singapore-creative-pre-wedding-photography-blog-avril-14 singapore-creative-pre-wedding-photography-blog-avril-15 singapore-creative-pre-wedding-photography-blog-avril-16 singapore-creative-pre-wedding-photography-blog-avril-17 singapore-creative-pre-wedding-photography-blog-avril-18 singapore-creative-pre-wedding-photography-blog-avril-19

Make a date with us this Valentine’s Day!

For this coming Valentine’s Day in the month of February, we are offering a joint promotional package with Immortelle Atelier to bring you lovely couples a professional makeover and photography session to remember the occasion by!

For a special price of $520, the couples will enjoy at professional makeover (makeup and hair styling) services at Immortelle Atelier boutique and a 2 hours photography session with us at a location of your choice (comes with 12 edited photographs upon your selection and a complementary mini album). This special deal is only valid for the month of Feb 2013 and sessions are strictly by appointment only (booking to be made 5 days in advance and subjected to availability).

Email us ( or for enquiries and to make a date with us now!

Joint Valentine's Day Promotion - 01

Fiinding Boon Siew and Oliver

Boon Siew and Oliver wanted a non-conventional and more creative approach for their pre-wedding shoot. Being a funny guy himself, we decided to go along with a comical and fun approach to the shoot, just like how the two of them usually behaved, having fun and enjoying each other’s company as a couple.

Thus, ditching the conventional wedding suit and gown, the couple came out with their own wardrobe and locations while I assisted them with the art direction and props. They are a really fun pair to work with and I must say this is one of those shoots which I have really enjoyed myself and could not stopping laughing throughout. Haha!


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