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Fiinding Boon Siew and Oliver

Boon Siew and Oliver wanted a non-conventional and more creative approach for their pre-wedding shoot. Being a funny guy himself, we decided to go along with a comical and fun approach to the shoot, just like how the two of them usually behaved, having fun and enjoying each other’s company as a couple.

Thus, ditching the conventional wedding suit and gown, the couple came out with their own wardrobe and locations while I assisted them with the art direction and props. They are a really fun pair to work with and I must say this is one of those shoots which I have really enjoyed myself and could not stopping laughing throughout. Haha!


Fiinding Trisha

We were blessed with relatively good weather and light on the late monday afternoon during the photography session with Trisha. I was really hoping for a good and clear sunset but it ended up with the sky turned all cloudy towards the end of the session. Still, it was a fun and enjoyable session, with Trisha being sporty and enthusiastic enough to go along with most of my art direction and suggestion.

Here are a few other extra photos from our shoot:

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